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Center Stage with Kendall

Kendall just turned 18 years old this winter and  is pretty proud that he is now a "grownup."  He is "graduating" his junior year this spring and will be a senior at North Fremont High School next fall.   His loves in life: his cat, "Grace", his brothers and his sisters, being an Uncle to his niece and nephew (as long as they aren't crying), riding his bike, reading scriptures, eating cheeseburgers, tots, pizza, ranch dressing, and Karianne's "Tiger's Blood" (just ice!),  hanging with good friends, singing, dancing, performing, and helping others.  Kendall is a gentle soul who has a good heart. He is sensitive to the feelings of others and wants people to be happy.  Like any other teenager, he likes  hanging out and feeling a part of life and friends.  When he was born, we didn't know he had Down syndrome. In the following days, a dear friend told us, "People don't get it, till they Got It. will get it."  And we're so grateful!  Kendall has blessed our family with miracles, compassion, and a gift for slowing down to see the God Loves Me Moments in our every days.  Kendall is definitely one of them! : )  We love you Kendall---you rock K Dog!

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