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He Works Hard For The Money: Kaden Edition

It is so fun to learn what our friends with Down syndrome are up to! Kaden Laws’ mom shared
with us about his experience working at the Paramount Theater. Let’s see what she has to say:

Kaden Laws got his first job this past summer. He is working at the Paramount Theater in
Rexburg. Kaden has a job coach that works alongside him and helps him complete all the tasks
he has each time. He works about 4 hours a week, 2 hours at a time. He LOVES it! He loves that
he has a real job and gets to work with people he knows from school. He works hard at sweeping
up all the popcorn in the theaters, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning the windows and even reloading
the pop machine. Ok, maybe the pop machine was not his favorite because it was really sticky! It
is pretty cool to get a paycheck, but he is not sure what he wants to spend his money on yet. It
has been such a great learning experience for him. He loves to be a part of things and out in the

Good job, Kaden! Watch out for him the next time you’re going to see a movie.

We love sharing good news about our local members! So please share with us! We want to hear about important events, jobs, successes! So if you want to spread the joy with our local community, please email a short story and photo to

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