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Brotherly Love: A Tribute to Cory

"Growing up in a small country town in Southeast Idaho, with four brothers, brings many adventures. But what is most special about those adventures is having them with a sibling with Down Syndrome. From the very beginning, my parents treated Cory just like the rest of us boys and did not give him special treatment. He was involved in Special Olympics, local team sports, church activities, local workshops for individuals with disabilities, karate, swimming and cooking classes. He even had the opportunity to marry his friend, Becky Welker. Cory and Becky were married for 25 years!

I have so many stories that I would love to share but one story, in particular, shows Cory's personality and quick-wittedness. In college, I would take my dates to Cory and Becky's to eat dinner. One time, I took another couple, Beth and Danny, with me. They were engaged. During our visit, Cory said, "Hey Becky, maybe I should marry Beth and you can marry Danny?" Becky said, "Oh Cory, don't say that or I won't make you waffles anymore!" Cory replied, "Well, I will just shut off my oxygen and die!" Becky replied, "Oh, he says that all the time." Those two were a blast to hang out with over the years. They had a special love for each other.

Cory recently passed away at the age of 48. He lived life to the fullest. Cory was a positive influence on many people's lives. Regardless of someone's status in society, he was loving and was famous for his huge bear hugs. I hope others that read this, who have Down syndrome or a loved one with Down syndrome, realize that focusing on abilities rather than disabilities will help those with Down syndrome reach their highest potential. Cory did just that, and he will continue to be greatly missed."

Original tribute from NDSS

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