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There's a Group For That!

Did you know that 2012 the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (DSDN) started a small Facebook group with 150 moms with children rockin' the extra 21st chromosome? Did you know that today they now provide support for over 9000 families? 

When I had my son in 2018, I scoured the internet looking for resources. What does a diagnosis for Down syndrome mean for my family? Will he require more assistance eating, need different bottles or spoons? What will potty training look like? How will school be different from my little guy with Down syndrome vs. my typical kids? How will I have the courage to fight? So. Many. Questions! I came across a group of ladies in my exact situation. We all had babies in 2018. It felt so great to be surrounded with mom's that "got it". We were in this together! 

From birth groups to specialized support groups, there is something for everyone! You can ask questions, give support, and share experiences. Whether you are just starting out or you've been on this journey for years now, there is something for everyone!  

You can check out all the groups and resources that DSDN has to offer here:


  • Dash for DS
    Dash for DS
  • EIDS Hand
    EIDS Hand