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We’re All the Same Because We’re All Unique

Today’s blog is written by Ali who is 8 years old and wanted to share some things she knows and has recently learned about Down Syndrome.


Animals With Down Syndrome

Hi, my name is Ali. I have a brother named Eli. Eli has Down syndrome. Some people may think Down syndrome is bad, but it isn’t. Down syndrome is just when you have an extra copy of chromosome 21. All Down syndrome really does is make you look a little different and takes longer to develop some things.

Did you know animals can have Down syndrome too?

Today I will show you some animals with Down Syndrome. On the bottom, we have Kenny. Kenny is a White Tiger. On the top left, we have Otto. Otto is a cat. On the top right, we have a white dolphin. I don’t know his name, so we’ll call him Dolphin.

What do they all have in common? Yes, they are all animals and that's what matters. They all deserve to be treated equally.

We’re All the Same Because We’re All Unique

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