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One Girl, One Vision, A Community United

Have you ever wondered how Eastern Idaho Down Syndrome Family Connect came to be? BrynnLe Larsen was born in 2013 to our family, we did not know anything about Down syndrome when we received her diagnose after birth.  Eric and I both immediately set out searching for information and I landed on the Utah Down syndrome foundations page.  This led to several trip to Utah to participate in events.  After months of this on a ride home Eric asked me when I was going to start a group in Idaho.  We both felt that if they needed the support there had to be more families in eastern Idaho feeling the same way.  

After talking it over with our 4 other children, the family started the journey of research and  filing for a 501-3C.   A lawyer was hired to help ensure all was done legally, but there was still mounds of paper work to do.  

Small fundraisers were done to help with the cost of getting the group up and running.  Jodi Bozung with Rigby Zumba and the Zumba Sisters in Idaho Falls were the first to help raise money for EIDS.  In February of 2015 we received our nonprofit status and a board was created.  The first members of the board were:  Rochelle and Eric Larsen, Angie Mago, Mary Murray, Karen Hunt and Amy Elison. 

As time went on Angie Mago offered to help with the paperwork and wanted to create an event that would help sustain the group.  That is when Friends Don’t Count Chromosomes was born.  Angie did an amazing job on this run and raised tens of thousands of dollars over the three years she was race director.  She was key in helping grow EIDS and making it a viable group for the families in the area.

Over the past 5 years EIDS has grown and changed.  We now have several more board members, you can find out more info about them on the website.  We have a new race director, a new race name, Dash for Down syndrome.  EIDS also has a new logo that reflects who we are.  

EIDS offers so many great program, activities and support for families in the area.  I stand amazed at the growth that has happened in 5 short years.  I cannot thank the board members, committee chairs and families for all they do to make EIDS great.  Last but not least I am thankful for all the generous donors and sponsors we have had over the years, none of this could happen without them.

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    Dash for DS
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