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Teen/Adult Pilgrim Adventure

Tuesday, June 27, 2023
2:30 pm9:00 pm
Sellars Creek Ranch, Bone, ID

A youth group from Salt Lake City has invited teens and adults from our area to join them for an afternoon of fun at their pilgrim/pioneer trek adventure in Sellars Creek Ranch on Tuesday, June 27. Sellars Creek Ranch is about 25 miles southeast of Idaho Falls, we will meet at Rocky Mountain Middle School at 2:30pm where we will load a Salt Lake Express coach bus and head to Sellars Creek Ranch. Each participant will be in a group with the teens from Salt Lake City along with a couple of adults. Participants will be able to push/pull handcarts on a small trek around the area, play games, eat dinner, and square dance.
*there will be a waiver each participant needs to fill out
*there will be no religious ministering at the event, the group is part of the LDS church
*if your child needs a parent or worker to attend please include them in the registration

What to wear and bring with you:
Each participant should wear clothing that will protect them from the elements (rain, sun, cold, and heat), including a hat, long sleeves and pants or a skirt with leggings and good walking shoes. Sunscreen, bug repellent and a refillable water bottle. Form printed and filled out a

Commit now, we need to fill 29 spots to make this event work.
*subject to cancellation if we do not fill enough spots

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